Design FAIL on new paper ballots in NYC?

One of the greatest things about being an American is having the ability to exercise the right to vote. It’s amazing.  I can walk 4 blocks to a local public school and cast my vote without the threat of terrorism or violence. Even in Brooklyn.

But this time out in NYC, the new paper ballot system was a design and communication FAIL.  I hope the bureau of elections gets feedback and buildsion some significant improvement for the future. Here’s the video they did to ‘splain things.

Here’s how it goes:  Polling workers hand out new paper ballots inside (at least at my polling place) a manilla “privacy” folder.   One walks to a (ahem) private fill-out-your-ballot kiosk, and are supposed to fill out the little ovals next to the candidate of your choice, kinda like on the SATs, only with blue or black pen, and not with a #2 pencil.  Whoops!  Make sure you check the propositions on the back of the ballot!  Unless you find casting your vote on transparency and term limits unimportant and frivolous.  Did ya skip those before you scanned your ballot?  Uh Oh.  too late.

Oh, and if you forgot your reading glasses, you might not have been exactly sure whether you were voting for Cuomo or Paladino in the Gubanatorial race.  That 8 point typeface and all.

Then, scan.  Just like at the ATM.  EZ, right?

Design and communication flaws on this new system abound.

I love my right to vote.  I also love my right to speak up when so-called improvements might in fact be taking a few steps back.

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