NYC Marathon: An awesome organism

I love the ING NYC Marathon.  Was spectating this year.  And after completing the New York Road Runners‘ excellent 9+1 program, I’m guaranteed entry to run it next year (if medical science and training cooperate). Most New Yorkers love it, some curse it (usually those who forget and are stuck in a car somewhere near the Queensboro bridge at about 11: 30), but we all probably take it for granted.  When Fred Lebow began this thing, it’s unlikely he’d ever envision the dozen city agencies and gazillions of runners, volunteers, friends, family and sponsors that make this giant organism tick.  It’s awesome. Here’s my video — well, two boroughs’ worth, anyway.  

Forgive the shaky cam.  And the fact that, although Jay-Z talks about Tribeca and 8th street, the race goes nowhere near either!

Congrats to all my friends and Terrier Tri teammates who ran and rocked the race!

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