Best gift idea ever? The Charity Swap

December is upon us, and that means getting lots of paper (and pixels and digits and code) devoted to year-end fundraising appeals. My mailbox –both the old skool snail mail kind as well as my email boxes — are already overstuffed with ‘asks’ from a rainbow of worthy causes. Alas, I have a scarce supply of time and funds needed to respond to any more than tiny percentage of these.

To best leverage my energies and wallet, I decided to focus my resources (money, time, door-opening, etc.) mainly to two different causes, The Grammy Foundation and I have joined both boards and devote lots of time and energy and yes, a few dollars to these organizations. Many of my colleagues and family do the same, so while I have to prioritize where I spend my time and money, I of course try and contribute at least something to causes that are near and dear to my inner circle.

So this gets me to an idea that I think is killer, and just right for these times. It was a kernal of idea from my fellow MOUSE board member Mayra Linares at The Great MOUSE Brainstorm I pulled together last month. Everyone’s got a pet cause. Many people have started making a donation to a particular cause in the names of friends/family in lieu of gifts. Why not mix it up this time of year? I’m talking Charity Swap. Instead of buying gifts or playing ‘Secret Santa’ with friends or co-workers or family, agree that you’ll all draw names and instead of buying a jokey gift or something that will gather dust, make a contribution to your giftee’s charity of choice. Puts a whole new meaning on ‘regifting,’ yes?

Get ready peeps! I’m prepping for some serious swapping this season.

2 responses to “Best gift idea ever? The Charity Swap

  1. This is so great, I couldn’t have put it better. Let the swapping begin.

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