Stuff that makes even amateurs look good

Gotta love people who make even amateurs look good.  That goes for software, too.  Apple’s iMove, in particular. 

Case in point:  I go to a party last week; the year-end celebration of my Triathlon team.  When I’m not playing  deejay, I’m chatting, enjoying a few cocktails.  I pull out my Flip camera every now and then.  Not exactly focused on being a professional videographer.  

Fun night, full of awards and skits and laughs and lovely moments.  And my Flip footage was as crap as you might expect a multi-taking partier’s to be.  But I put it through one of iMovie’s little templates and it rather hilariously made it all look almost professional!   Kinda spooky, really.  So this is all a bit inside-baseball (or inside Triathlon), but here’s the result;)

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