Selling Speed! And It’s 100% Legal.

Selling this super-fast Cervelo P2 Triathlon bike. It’s speedy. 2008, with a 48cm carbon frame, with carbon post and fork. The best possible components: Shimano Dura Ace. More triathletes who compete at the Ironman World Championships ride this particular bike than any other. Me? I loved how much faster this ride made me, but alas, a hip injury is forcing me into more of a road bike position.  It’s like having a glam pair of Manolo Blahnicks and not being able to wear them because of a foot injury.

The specs:  2008 48cm frame in classic Red, White and Black.  650 wheels.  Absolutely in top condition and extremely well-maintained.   Shimano Dura Ace Gruppo (components).  Carbon, carbon, carbon.  Cateye wireless bike computer.  Specialized white female racing seat.  Look keo carbon pedals.  Double carbon bottle cage with space for spares and CO2 cartridges.

If you speak bike-language, you know this is a top of the line set-up and suspect that I might be asking a lot.  The whole shebang sold for more than $4,200 in 2008 and it’s been upgraded since.  I could probably sell off the components for more.  But I’m selling it for a fraction of that.  Ping me here if you are interested.

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