It was a star player in the best seller, “Born to Run,” and its magic, thought to be a key to the astonishingly amazing running performance from the Tarahumara Indians from Mexico.  Many of my triathlon friends fell in love with it as a “secret weapon” for the Ironman.

My rock-star nutritionist, Samantha Lynch, thinks they’re some of the best calories you can put in your body every day.

It’s the chia seed, and it’s becoming a go-to ingredient treasured for a long list of major benefits:

Says Samantha:  “Electrolytes, more omega 3s in 1 Tbsp of Chia vs Ground Flax, 3g protein 5.6g fiber, more calcium than a glass of milk, and has been shown to lower LDL and total cholesterol. The most important 60 calories of your day!”

And, it was featured in today’s Wall Street Journal, because the mighty chia is part of Baltimore Raven Ray Rice‘s winning regimen.

I get some stares every now and then at work, when I sprinkle the little guys over my oatmeal, in yogurt or even in soup.  When you think about all the green goodness that unfurl from the mighty chia – most familiar to pop culture as the TV-advertised toy that would grow a green ‘fro — imagine how good it must be for your innards.  I’m digging ’em.   And so far, I just feel a lot better, and haven’t noticed any green curly locks springing from my head yet;)


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