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Specialized Bikes Alias Launch: Go Direct to the Rider

T2AliasTaraErinScottWhen Specialized Bikes launched its new Alias triathlon bike, designed especially for the female body’s unique geometry, the brand planned a launch that would go global, reach key influencers and go straight to the rider.  Smart move!  In a live webcast from NYC indoor cycling fitness studio T2 Multisport NYC, Specialized Women’s unit’s Erin Sprague and Scott Holz, the company’s “fit” expert, were joined by triathlon enthusiast Tara Costa, best known to the public from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”  Costa (who I think is actually one of the world’s biggest winners;) is now running her own coaching and nutrition company and continues to turn girls and guys everywhere onto a healthy active lifestyle — including activities like cycling and triathlon as a way to get more out of life and have fun.  Webcast archive can be viewed here.

Smart move.  In one fell swoop, Specialized reached a global audience that included dealers, media and — quite unique in the sporting goods world — cycling enthusiasts and riders from all over the world.  Smart because the product is aimed at entry-level or short-course female triathletes — and women make up a full 50% of age group triathlete enthusiasts.  The bike is not intended for professionals — it’s truly designed for the female body and special consideration was made for riders who might want to ride with both “roadies” and triathletes alike (a seat post change will give Alias riders more of a road bike profile).

I was thrilled that T2 — a fitness facility that I support and am involved with — played a part!  And T2 is one of the only places the public can demo the new Alias bike by booking a class and requesting the Alias via  



3D Printers and Rarified Air of Bloggers at AltSummit


So honored to be at #AltSummit, the mostly design-and-lifestyle oriented blogger conference in Salt Lake City put on by Gabby (@DesignMom) and Sara Urquardt (above).  The assemblage is an amazing mix of style, drive, energy and entrepreneurialism.  

My mild obsession with 3D design and printing has now just gone full blown, inspired by ex-Wired editor and now CEOof 3D Robotics Chris Anderson.  BBZ1P8CCQAEui9A.jpg-large

The evening ended with a CLUE-themed party (genius way for home design sponsor integration with rooms devoted to Billiards, a Library, etc — all potential crime scenes of course.  Party goers donned their finery (in my case, I was among the Peacocks).  937f2d80669511e2917a22000a9f1587_7



Good, Good for You (and others) and Low Cal Gift Idea

I find this is the time of year when I suddenly take my nose off the grindstone for a second to realize that I’m mid-stream in holiday mode and, well, a bit behind in my gift-making, acquiring, wrapping, shipping and giving enterprises.  I'll give to yours if you give to mine.

Just now, on a board of directors call for, I was reminded by a great idea one of my fellow board members suggested last year:  The Charity Swap.

I know I am not alone among friends and colleagues in my lack of need for a) additional calories in the form of yummy, decadent gifts or b) additional ‘stuff,’ no matter how well-meaning or useful or pretty.  What is important, at least to me, this time of year, is remembering what life’s all about.  It’s time to slow down, reconnect with friends and family.  It’s time to direct generosity towards others who might really, really, REALLY need stuff.  Like a good education or a warm bed or nutritious food or a research funds for a cancer cure or a prothesis for a challenged athlete.

Again, this year, I’m asking friends and family to hold the chocolate, perfume and bling and instead, consider giving to a charity I care about.  In addition to, I’m also involved with The Grammy Foundation, which among other things, makes sure talented students have resources to develop as artists, at a time when many public schools have had to drastically cut back on arts education.

In return, I’m delighted to make a donation to causes that are near and dear to friends and family.

Why not try it?  If you’re not ready to go cold turkey (and let’s face it, I would not refuse certain beautifully wrapped parcels and their contents), try it in lieu of your office secret santa, or stocking stuffers, or your book club.

Here.  I’ll make it really easy for you, and save you a trip to Barney’s.

Donate to The Grammy Foundation here.

Donate to here.

Also, check out this site for other ideas about causes that might resonate.