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If it’s a January Saturday, it’s Indoor Trainer Time

Nothing can beat an indoor trainer session with a good coach sticking it to you with a challenging skills and drills workout for a couple hours. Being on your own bike, on an indoor trainer, along with my Terrier Tri teammates, packs in more of a workout than being outdoors or on a spin bike.

My biggest challenge is keeping to a super face cadence.  I can mash a big heavy gear with the best of ’em but make me hold 115 for a coupla minutes and I am suffering.

But man, oh, man, I think high cadence drills are hugely effective.  It helped today that I was in a row flanked by superstar triathlete Christine Kenney, who was the overall Age Group champ (and beat pro triathletes) at Ironman Cozumel with a sub-10 hour finish; and Lucy Danziger, a fun and inspiring training partner, a fierce competitor and Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine.

We did a brick (bike to run), with a 40 minute run off the bike, in high winds and cold temps.  I’m just coming back off a stress fracture.  Foot felt okay but my cardio fitness has a little to be desired.  It’s quite satisfying to  hit the Garmin at the end of a workout like that, this early in the season.