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Listening to the experts

I’m really lucky to live in NYC because it’s abundant in experts and the economy here supports niche professionals.  There are probably more people employed in specific fields — e.g. as sommeliers, green architecture mavens, subway engineers, textile design — you name it — in the Big Apple than anywhere else.  That includes Physicians.

One of those docs is my new hero, Dr. Jennifer Solomon, of the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  It’s the first place of its kind in the US with great docs and sport trainers focused on female athletes and keeping them (or getting them) healthy.  Dr. Solomon was a jr. Pro tennis player. She’s also an avid cyclist, like me.  She ‘gets’ it.  She and her fellow docs have helped provide care for everything from the Olympics and the NYC Marathon to the US Rowing Team.

How cool is it that there is an actual medical facility that specializes in sports medicine for females and our different and unique physiques? I was elated and comforted just knowing this. The receptionist looked at me like I was a bit of a freak when I actually took a picture of their lobby sign.

Dr. Solomon ordered me off running and cycling for 6 weeks (the whole story’s here) , gave me a big shot of cortizone in my right hip (I did NOT want to see how big that needle was) and sent me off to Physical Therapy.  She made me promise to email her about how I was feeling.  But she also told me that if I let things heal, I’d not only be able to start training for Ironman Lake Placid in July, I’d probably have numerous triathlons left in me, I’d be able to ski, etc.

This part might be TMI.  But sometimes the biggest expert in oneself is…oneself. You really do have to listen to your gut and your body and how it feels. Hips don’t lie.

As this MRI shows, there are a couple parts of my right hip joints and supporting muscles that have been howling out for some relief.  Translation from Dr. Solomon:  severe bursitis, cartilage loss, tendenosis.

I’m dying to do a couple quick loops around Central Park.  But I’m going to listen to this constellation of experts.  In this case, Dr. Solomon, Dr. Rob DeStefano (he works with the NY Giants, has done a scads of Ironmen Triathlons) and Marcus Forman, PT (and bad ass skier).

Here’s a bit about Dr. Rob (as Dr. DeStefano is known) and his very good book on muscles.


I’m too hip for my own good

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I’m apparently too hip for my own good. But only on the right side. I’m a triathlete.  Fifth season just completed.  Started off with some so-bad-they’re-good experiences (Hi, Eagleman 70.3! You and your no-wetsuit-swim and 97-degree-no-shade run SUCK!).  There’s always … Continue reading