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The GreenEye Express

What a week! Big deals to announce, work-related parties, no sleep, missed workouts and redeye flights back from 36-hour west coast trips. Man, I need a detox and some fuel. This is a job for the mighty Vitamix! I’ll call this the GreenEye Express.

1 banana (ideally, frozen), halved (When I get a bunch of bananas, I peel some and throw ’em right into the freezer for such occasions, or do same for very ripe ones).
1 cup ice cubes
1″ chunk of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
kale with inner stem removed, chopped roughly — about 1.5 cups packed
ripe fresh pineapple — 1.5 Cups cored and cut into chunks
1 green apple, cored
Add fresh basil or parsley if you have it (I didn’t this a.m.)

Put into a blender (ideally a high speed Vitamix) in the order described above: start with the banana, then kale, etc.
you might need to add some water or juice if you’re using a blender.
start the Vitamix on low and gradually increase speed for a minute, then hit the high speed function and let’er rip for a minute.



Pineapple + Basil = Refreshment

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I’m enjoying a serious obsession with my new VitaMix.  This almighty device can  pulverize a giant head of kale into a drinkable (and when mixed with other ingredients, delicious) form in a split second.  I christened the ‘Mix with a … Continue reading